Tomorrow’s networked researcher profile page: What it will look like (according to contributors from #dhiha6)

A few minutes ago, David Chavalarias and me held a workshop within the Digital Humanities Experiments event on 11/12 June 2015 at the German Historical Institute Paris (DHIP). This blog post is the third part (see all) of a contribution to DHIP’s blog carnival accompanying the whole event. Here I will stop telling you about our main topic, the networked researcher profile page, and instead show you what it will look like — according to contributors from the workshop!

David presented some astonishing open source software for web based visualisations. I highly recommend to have a closer look at both of them:

  • Community Explorer (this may become especially important to scholarly profile pages)
  • Gargantext (visualizations of networks of keywords and documents in general)

And now, enjoy the ideas the young Digital Humanities researchers that participated in our workshop came up with! You can download all pictures as one PDF file as well. What do you think of the results? Comment below, or add to the ongoing conversation under the Twitter hashtag #dhiha6.

Image-002Image-005Image-007 Image-006  Image-008 Image-004Image-000 Image-001  Image-003

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