TIB prepares for certification of its digital preservation archive according to DIN 31644 (nestor seal)

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After receiving the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) in September 2015, TIB, in cooperation with ZBW – the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, is preparing for its second major certification procedure, this time working for the nestor Seal.

Like the DSA, the joint certification is a result of TIB’s and ZBW’s close collaboration on their digital preservation system. This mutual approach has meant putting more effort into communication and organisation than if a single institution would have had to invest alone. Among other things, the institutions must define, implement and harmonise processes that correspond to the criteria found in the nestor catalogue; in this way, nestor’s experts can evaluate the TIB-ZBW archiving system. These processes include ensuring the uniform comprehension of nestor’s content requirements and relations between individual nestor criteria.

As a result, we created a map based on the nestor criteria catalogue  as a starting point to demonstrate the relationships between the nestor criteria and classify them thematically. TIB’s and ZBW’s work on these nestor criteria takes this working paper as a reference point.

This map is the author’s own understanding of the criteria. It is not intended to be understood as an official nestor document.

Map with relationships between the nestor criteria, download as PDF


Together with its partners ZB MED and ZBW, TIB operates a productive digital preservation system. The system deploys the Rosetta software program by the company Ex Libris. With its partners, TIB has established cooperative agreements concerning the use and operation of the digital preservation system. TIB hosts, operates and administers the DP system, and ensures its partners have access to it. More about digital preservation at TIB