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Lessons Learned during MediaFutures

In this blog post, we share certain Lessons Learned during the MediaFutures project. More specifically, we collected insights on the multiple elements of the MediaFutures support programme. There are four major topics which have been conducted in the form of written interviews with specific MediaFutures partners: “Open Calls Selection Process, Diversity & Inclusion”, “The MediaFutures Support Programme”, “Collaboration between Startups and Artists”, and “Collaborations between Startups and Artists”.

MediaFutures: Mapping of Exploitation Actions and Results

In this blog post, Alexandra Garatzogianni, Coordinator of MediaFutures, and her Deputy, Michael Fribus, share exploitation paths that were explored throughout the duration of the MediaFutures project. More specifically, in Deliverable 6.2 on Exploitation Implementation, the project’s exploitable results and related actions at consortium level can be accessed. Hereby, we have divided the results into four categories, namely Commercial & Cultural Results, Knowledge Results, Network Results, and Accelerator/Residency Results.

MediaFutures – a retrospective, part 2: Business & Innovation Workshop and Business Model Analysis of MediaFutures’ Startups

As the H2020 MediaFutures project recently ended, Alexandra Garatzogianni, Coordinator of the MediaFutures Project and her Project Management Deputy, Michael Fribus, are happy to share some of the final results and accomplishments of the project throughout its duration of three years. In MediaFutures, one of the main goals of the exploitation and sustainability work package was to establish a Business & Operational Model for the MediaFutures Project.