Anil Gupta visits TIB: content mining and open access provide greater global visibility for India’s young inventors

We are honoured that the renowned Indian innovation researcher Professor Anil Kumar Gupta chose TIB as the first stop on his visit to Germany last week. Coming straight from the airport, he arrived with his luggage at the foyer of TIB at Welfengarten punctually at 5 pm on 23 June 2014. Originally, just a one-hour visit had been earmarked — but in the end our meeting with Anil Gupta in TIB’s lecture hall lasted over two hours.

Professor Anil K. Gupta and Lambert Heller in discussion at TIB Hannover on 23 June 2014:
Professor Anil K. Gupta and Lambert Heller in discussion at TIB Hannover on 23 June 2014:

The extremely concentrated and thought-provoking discussion ranged from content mining for research videos from Techpedia to open access for final theses written by the one million students who graduate from India’s technical universities every year. We are already looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Anil Gupta!

One outcome of this cooperation is that a whole series of films by and about Techpedia projects will soon be available for viewing in the TIB|AV Portal — more details will follow in the TIB|Blog.

Those of you who cannot get enough of Professor Gupta and Indian innovation might like to view his popular TED Talk and a new ARTE documentation (available here on video) in which Gupta is given ample opportunity to express his opinions. And those thirsting for even more information (such as us at TIB) are advised to follow Anil Gupta on Twitter!

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