European Sustainable Energy Week 2024 (EUSEW2024)

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The European Sustainable Energy Week 2024 (EUSEW2024) will take place this year from 11th to 13th of June 2024, both onsite in Brussels and online.

In the scope of the key theme “Net-zero competitiveness driving EU energy transition” the event will focus on delivering Europe’s decarbonisation through green technologies and solutions towards a fair and just transition, both for ordinary citizens as well as corporations.

The agenda of EUSEW2024

  • A policy conference with plenary and policy sessions covering topics related to net-zero technologies, smart cities, citizen engagement, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and international collaboration
  • The prestigious EUSEW Awards;
  • Networking events within the Energy Fair;
  • The 5th edition of the European Youth Energy Day

Additionally, a series of locally organised Sustainable Energy Days will take place from April to June 2024, across Europe and beyond, promoting clean energy and energy efficiency.

According to Alexandra Garatzogianni, Ambassador of EUSEW, “EUSEW, the leading European Conference and Forum on Sustainable Energy, accomplishes remarkable community richness, engaging and uniting diverse stakeholders that co-shape the future of the energy sector in Europe and beyond. It is crucial to integrate Young Energy Ambassadors in the debate for the future of the energy sector. This ensures that the youth obtains appropriate domain expertise and actively participates in decision-making, affecting future generations. Sustained investment in and deployment of novel climate neutral solutions unravels their potential, highlighting interrelated environmental, economical and social benefits at a greater scale. Engaging actively diverse communities and providing appropriate incentives to co-create and uptake innovative solutions, integrates the user-perspective in this debate, ensuring sustainable uptake of novel products and services and user satisfaction. Further maintaining the EUSEW vision, providing a uniquely rich and diverse forum, for all relevant stakeholders to exchange perspectives and co-shape the future of the energy sector in Europe for the benefit of future generations.

The European Sustainable Energy Week 2024 is open to international organisations, universities, national and local institutions, professional associations, NGOs working in the field of sustainable development, consumers, research organisations, EU projects, EU institutions, among others.

Discover the calls and join the EUSEW2024 here

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