Schlagwort: research information

Research data or research information: What’s the difference?

There are many terms that sound similar but have different meanings: Effectiveness and efficiency. Sympathy and empathy. In discourses on information science, the digitisation of science and research and currently in connection with the Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information, another pair of terms regularly appears that also sound similar but have different meanings: Research data and research information.

More collaboration based on open data and open methods: #FundingOpen

It is worthwhile for research funding to stimulate collaboration with third parties without the participants or their roles being part of a fixed plan in advance. The experiences gained are unique – and they are indispensable if we are to move forward with the dissemination of open data and open science practices. This paper will derive this from our own experiences – experiences that we at the Open Science Lab have gained in numerous third-party funded projects over the past years.