Research data management in chemistry – successful workshop series tailored to the needs of chemists runs until the end of the year

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Have you always wondered how good Research Data Management (RDM) in chemistry works and how you can make your research data FAIR – i.e. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable? In that case, the workshop series „FAIR research data management: basics for chemists“, launched by NFDI4Chem in early 2022, is exactly what you need!

In this 2-day online course, you will not only learn the basics of FAIR FDM with a special focus on chemistry, but also apply it concretely in a subject-specific context. In addition to providing the necessary theoretical background knowledge, the workshop also includes many interactive elements, such as individual and group work, so that you can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practise.

The workshop´s objectives are that you:

  • can apply the concepts of metadata and data organisation in chemistry.
  • can apply data documentation with a Data Management Plan (DMP) and get to know some Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs).
  • make the FAIR principles applicable to your chemical research.
  • understand the importance of standards and persistent identifiers.
  • know the terms storage, backup, archiving, and publication and are able to independently search for new chemical repositories.
  • know the services and the supporting infrastructure of your institution.

The workshop, which has already been held very successfully twice this year, will take place over two days, each with a duration of approx. 4-6 hours. The next dates in 2022 are June 22 & 24, August 17 & 19, October 19 & 21 and December 07 & 09. It is best to secure your participation for one of the next workshops right now, as the number of participants per date is limited to approx. 20 attendees. Detailed information as well as the option of free registration can be found on the corresponding event page of NFDI4Chem.

The NFDI4Chem team is also happy to organize an individual workshop at your institution. Simply contact the NFDI4Chem Helpdesk via

NFDI4Chem is the chemistry consortium in the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). The vision of NFDI4Chem is the digitization of all important steps in chemical research to support scientists in collecting, storing, processing, analyzing, publishing and reusing research data. To this end, the overarching goal is to develop a national research data infrastructure for the research field of chemistry in Germany to enable innovative and easy-to-use services and novel scientific approaches based on the reuse of research data.

In NFDI4Chem, TIB is responsible, among other things, for the development of terminologies and a terminology service for chemistry as well as a search service via the federation of NFDI4Chem data repositories. The contact person at TIB is Oliver Koepler, one of the spokespersons of the consortium.

works as Research associate in the field of research data management (RDM) within the NFDI4Chem project (Task Area 6 - Synergies) at TIB - Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology in Hannover, Germany.

... leitet das Lab Linked Scientific Knowledge und beschäftigt sich mit Wissens- und Forschungsdaten-Management und der Entwicklung und Anwendung von Ontologien.
Er ist zusammen mit Prof. Christoph Steinbeck, Universität Jena Sprecher des Chemiekonsortiums der NFDI4Chem in der Nationalen Forschungsdaten Infrastruktur.