Schlagwort: research data management

TIB Terminology Service – Terminologies and Ontologies Support FAIR Research Data Management

In order to support the scientific use of established ontologies and terminologies, a Terminology Service was set-up by TIB in cooperation with the NFDI initiative: a single point of access to terminologies from a range of domains such as architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics.

Research data management in chemistry – successful workshop series tailored to the needs of chemists runs until the end of the year

Have you always wondered how good Research Data Management (RDM) in chemistry works and you can make your research data FAIR – i.e. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable? In this case, the workshop series „FAIR Research Data Management: Basics for Chemists“, launched by NFDI4Chem since the beginning of 2022, is just the right choice for you!

Examining Wikidata and Wikibase in the context of research data management applications

The monthly NFDI InfraTalk opened up an interesting question regarding the potential of Wikidata to be used as an application for science and research. In this 2-part post series, we expand on the differences between Wikidata and Wikibase instances, and their potential applications in academic contexts.