Inviting young scientists to TIB’s „FAIR Git and R“ workshop

FAIR principles

R logoAre you a young scientists and want to be trained in implementing the FAIR principles in your research projects? Do you want to be trained in best practices of using Git and R? If „yes!“, please feel invited to our workshop about those two tools on April 11th and 12th at the TIB in Hannover, Germany. We will go hands-on with upgrading R scripts into function-based, well-documented, testable and packagable R code.

Git logoWhile doing this, you’ll learn good practices in version-controlling your work with Git. Our goal is to help you make your research outcomes more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Please note that attendance requires some basic experience with both tools. To gain this, please feel free to attend our weekly „FAIR Study Group“ events.

The workshop is free of charge for you and lunches, snacks and drinks will be provided. Please find all the details on and send us your registration request!

Carpentries logoWe’ll be basing our approach on the highly practical teaching material of the Software and Data Carpentries. Those teach basic computing skills to researchers (Git, R, Python, SQL, etc.) in usually 2 days long workshops. In our 1-week-long „FAIR Data and Software“ workshop in July 2018, we piloted the application of those tools in the FAIR treatment of the two important scientific objects data and software source code.