Registry of [Open] Scientometric Data Sources – a collaborative directory of scientometric data sources

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As part of the BMBF project ROSI („Reference Implementation for Open Scientometric Indicators“) we collect open data sources from which scientometric information can be generated. We want to develop a prototype – based exclusively on open data – that integrates this data transparently and customizable into researcher profiles in the research information system VIVO. It is particularly important to us to consider the needs of scientists and the scientific community (more on our motivation). Since there are many possible data sources for scientometric information and we want to share our research with the scientific community, we have published our collection in the Registry of Scientometric Data Sources.

Overview of the listed data sources
Detailed view of a data source

We have developed a metadata scheme to describe the data sources in order to achieve comparability.

Metadata input according to a predefined schema

A special focus lies on the collection of information on the technical interfaces of the data sources, as this will be used for our prototypes if necessary.

Overview on technical metadata of the sources

Some of the data sources use information from other sources. The relationships are illustrated in a dataflow diagram.

Data flow between data sources

We are looking forward to new interesting data sources, improvement of already existing descriptions and general feedback on the registry itself. Just send us an e-mail to rosi.project(at) to participate!