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Registry of [Open] Scientometric Data Sources – a collaborative directory of scientometric data sources

As part of the BMBF project ROSI („Reference Implementation for Open Scientometric Indicators“) we collect open data sources from which scientometric information can be generated. We want to develop a prototype – based exclusively on open data – that integrates this data transparently and customizable into researcher profiles in the research information system VIVO.

Behind the Scenes of a DFG Research Project — Making Five Million Scientific Open Access Images Available and Collaborating with the Wikimedia Community

Scientific articles have been a rarely exploited source for finding images that can be used elsewhere. The NOA project wants to change that. So far, several million images from freely available scientific articles have been collected and been described with text data mining methods, so that they are findable in a search engine. But how do they get to Wikimedia Commons to make them available for many people in the long run? Do all the images belong there at all? In this article, we describe our reflections on the questions and how they solve the challenges.

Successful journal flipping: TIB supports new journal Quantitative Science Studies

The new year begins with good news: The International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) and its partners announce the founding of a new scientometric open access journal. The journal will be managed by the former board members of the renowned Journal of Informetrics, who have collectively resigned from this Elsevier journal and who would rather continue their work in an open access context after a journal flipping. TIB supports this process by taking on a significant share of the transformation costs.