Science in its audiovisual diversity – highlights from 30,000 videos in the TIB AV-Portal. Part 3

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We are celebrating the publication of over 30,000 videos in the TIB AV-Portal. In the first part of our blogpost trilogy, we got to know some (statistical) background to the milestone and kicked off the expedition. In the second part, we continued our little tour to pearls of the AV-Portal with the first personal highlights from the impressive holdings of IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH (previously the Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film) ). With this third and final part, there are more favourites from IWF’s film heritage to get to know.

Video recommendations from the TIB staff – IWF films about craftmanship, art and culture

The „world“ of the IWF is undoubtedly immensely diverse. The results of the TIB survey on personal favourite films are just as diverse. This is also and especially evident in the unique video holdings from ethnology and art and media. The works of the author Friedrich Terveen are particularly popular:

Ines Thiele: Ebrû – Turkish Marbled Paper

Dore Kleindienst-Andrée: On the Origin of Turkish Marbled Paper Patterns (1979):

Ines Thiele, head of the TIB’s bookbinding department, sticks to her expertise in her recommendation and explains:

How is marbled paper made? Turkish art historian Azade Akar shows how Ebrû – Turkish marbled paper – is made, the technique of marbling and how common Ebrû patterns are created. Bookbinding training also includes making homemade coloured paper and this very clear video is a good inspiration.

Petra Mensing: Central Europe, Schleswig – Loading Logs by Means of a „Wippkiste“ (Timber Lifting Jack)

Arnold Lühning’s study on loading tree trunks (1971):

Petra Mensing, coordinates the apprenticeship  at TIB and is subject librarianfor biology and economics, among others. She is very impressed by this report on how large loads can be moved with simple means. The abstract states:

With the help of the lifting arbor, three long tree trunks are lifted first at the root end so that the front end of a farm wagon can be pushed underneath, then at the pigtail end to push the rear end underneath. Three iron chains are looped around the trunks to firmly connect the front and rear wagons.

Nelli Taller: Central Europe, Tyrol – Preparation of a Meal on an Alpine Pasture

Franz Simon documents cooking on an open fireplace in a Tyrolean alpine hut (1967):

Nelli Taller, Information Manager in the Persistent Identifier (PID) and Metadata Service Unit, is very taken with the comparatively purist way a meal was prepared in a Tyrolean alpine hut. However, you should not watch this film if you are hungry, let alone read the meaningful summary.

Adriana Bätje: Ernst Rowohlt Talks about his Life and Work as a Publisher, Hamburg 1959

Friedrich Terveen’s portrait of Ernst Rowohlt (1959):

Adriana Bätje from the Team Communication recommends an „all time favourite“, so to speak, with the video about the Hamburg based publisher Ernst Rowohlt, as it has already been praised in the Highlights from 10,000 Films on the AV-Portal. She comments:

Ernst Rowohlt talks about his life and tells us about his publishing work and his view on life. A very interesting personality and above all the fun in life seems to have a very special value.

Sven Strobel: Paul Hindemith during an Orchestra Rehearsal in the „Glocke“, Bremen 1958

Friedrich Terveen visits Paul Hindemith and his orchestra at a rehearsal (1958):

Sven Strobel, product owner of the AV-Portal and thus responsible for coordinating the operation and further development of the platform, is very enthusiastic:

I am a big Hindemith fan. It’s nice that we also have a contribution in the IWF’s in-house inventory showing him at work with a baton – in a striped jumper and chatting in Hessian. „Posaune, kommen se mer net so laut darein!“(Lächeln)

Elke Stahl: Carl Orff in his Home near Diessen on the Ammer Lake 1958

Friedrich Terveen’s „Home Story“ about Carl Orff (1984):

This third part also includes a recommendation from Elke Stahl from the Windows team at TIB-IT. She thinks, it is particularly impressive how the world-famous composer Carl Orff is looked over his shoulder at various activities in his own home, as can be read in the summary:

The composer working on a score and playing some bars on the piano. Then he plays a passage from his current composition „Oedipus“ and recites the text. Finally he reads from his Easter play „Comoedia de Christi Resurrectione.“

Miriam Reiche: Bird-song Contest with Chaffinches in the Western Harz Mountains

Uda von der Nahmer’s documentary on annual singing competitions with caged chaffinches (1989):

The final part is a particularly exciting recommendation by conservator Miriam Reiche, who is responsible, among other things, for the conservation of the IWF films. Her comment on the impressive documentary on special regional customs in the Harz region at Whitsun:

A serious film about an extremely bizarre hobby.

Browse along!

Our little „milestone tour“ of some of the pearls of the AV-Portal, which took place on the occasion of 30,000 videos, has now come to an end, but your curiosity is only just beginning. Of course, we cordially invite you to go on an equally extensive expedtion in the AV-Portal. Have you found your favourite video(s)? Feel free to share your favourite(s) via the comments function, by email to or via social media such as Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AVPortal_30k. We are happy to add your recommendation(s) to the watchlist „30,000 videos in the TIB AV-Portal – Recommendations“. In the meantime, you will also find a conversation between two physics luminaries and Captain Kirk’s contribution to the presentation of a geoinformation software. It’s worth it.

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