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10 Jahre TIB AV-Portal

Scientific Video Gems from 10 Years of the TIB AV-Portal – Discoveries and Recommendations

Exactly 10 years ago, on 29 April 2014, the TIB AV-Portal went online. This has of course already been mentioned several times in the anniversary announcement and in this blog post series – collected under the keyword #10JahreTIB_AVPortal. Now the time has come: THE video platform from science for science is officially 10 years old!

More user-friendly – more functional – more dynamic. About the continuous and agile development of the TIB AV-Portal

In spring 2014, the AV-Portal went online and has been operated by yovisto GmbH and further developed according to TIB specifications. At the end of 2020, the portal was completely migrated to TIB. This article presents the most important milestones and features that have been realised since September 2018.