TIB Open Publishing publishes the first two conference proceedings

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A lot has happened since our last posts about TIB’s new open-access publishing platform, our standards, and our infrastructure: TIB has become a Major Development Partner of PKP, we have a name (TIB Open Publishing), a website, and the first publications, the conference proceedings SuSRES 2021 and BIS 2021, are out – so it is high time for an update.

Publishing with TIB Open Publishing

TIB Open Publishing is a new service. Nevertheless, our first two customers have already been able to benefit from various features of our service.

Open Access

The two open-access conference proceedings published in recent weeks have been released under CC BY 4.0 and the authors retain copyright. The published contributions are archived via the TIB’s long-term archiving system (Rosetta). For this purpose, we at TIB Open Publishing have developed a plugin that transfers metadata and files from OJS to Rosetta. The two conference volumes are the first practical test for this new interface.


We deliver the publications to the German National Library and the publications are referenced in the Verbundkatalog K10plus and can thus be found in the TIB Portal (e.g. SusRES 2021). BIS 2021 contributions are also indexed in dblp and Scopus. On the pages of the individual contributions we present the download statistics to visualize the usage at this point.

Persistent Identifier

Both publications have an ISSN (online). We have registered Crossref DOIs for all papers and also for the complete conference proceedings. Via the OJS ORCID plugin authors have the possibility to link their publication to their ORCID account (see e.g. https://www.tib-op.org/ojs/index.php/bis/article/view/42). By authorizing this connection, authors ensure that their new contribution is added to their ORCID profile and that the correct ORCID appears on the publication’s web page. In addition, we used the ROR plugin developed as part of TIB Open Publishing. Whenever there was a Research Organization Identifier (ROR) for an affiliation, we used it instead of entering the affiliation manually.

XML workflow

For some of the articles, we are already able to provide full-text XML. In doing so, we converted template-compliant submissions in Word to JATS XML within OJS. We then post-processed this JATS XML using the Texture Editor, an XML WYSIWYG editor available in OJS. Online representation of the XML is created using the LensGalleyBits plugin, which generates a dynamic HTML view.

Connected Outputs

In case of BIS 2021, the video-recorded conference presentations were deposited in the TIB AV-Portal. These videos are displayed as another representation of the contribution in the publication. Thus, we do not only have „PDF“ and „XML“ (where possible) but also „Conference presentation video“ as output format. The videos remain in the AV-Portal and are connected to the conference paper via DOI.


The protection of personal data is very important to us. Therefore, we have modified our OJS so that editors from one publication cannot search user data from another publication, even though both publications run on the same OJS instance. Since the review process of both conference volumes was handled by the respective conference, we obtained the authors consent to publication, license, and data protection via a form in one case, and via checkboxes in the conference management software in the other case.


In the future we would like to be able to offer full-text XML also for submissions in LaTeX. Furthermore, we would like to generate the publication formats HTML and PDF directly from the XML files. Besides simplifying the workflow (single source publishing) we also want to improve the layout of the output formats. Furthermore, we are of course sticking to our goal of improving the overall presentation and handling of conference publications with OJS and are in an exchange with PKP on this topic.


Do you have a publication (conference publication or journal) that you would like to publish in open access together with TIB Open Publishing? Our service is available to all disciplines, institutions and initiatives. Please contact us at openpublishing@tib.eu and follow us on Twitter @TIBopenpub.


At this point, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our first customers, the TH Wildau (especially the co-organizers of the 2nd German-West African Conference on Sustainable, Renewable Energy Systems (SusRES2021) and the university library), as well as the 24th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2021). We would also like to thank the various colleagues within TIB who have supported us in the development of TIB Open Publishing so far.

... arbeitet im Bereich Publikationsdienste und betreut dort die Open-Access-Publikationsplattform TIB Open Publishing.

arbeitet im Bereich der Publikationsdienste und betreut die Open-Access-Platform TIB-Open-Publishing