We are starting a scholarly journal

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In most disciplines, journals are the most important medium for communicating scientific results. In the digital age, the production and distribution of journals can be undertaken by academic institutions themselves. But how does it work? How is a journal article produced, and what should you take into account when editing a journal?

Online workshop “Creating a scholarly journal

In order to answer these questions and to enable practical experience, we held the online workshop “Creating a scholarly journal” in February 2024 for the first time. The workshop was aimed at students and doctoral candidates from all disciplines at Leibniz Universität Hannover and its partner universities in the EULiST network. As there were places available, the workshop was opened to other interested parties at short notice.

The publication process of a scientific article

Quality assurance, visibility and financing

... arbeitet im Bereich Publikationsdienste der TIB und ist insbesondere für Beratung und Schulungen zum Thema Open Access zuständig.