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Each Block Fits on the Previous One: The Stacks Project and Collaborative Publishing in Mathematics

The International Day of Mathematics on March 14th this year goes by the motto “Playing with Maths”. On this occasion, we look at researchers in algebraic geometry “playing together”, already since 2008: In the Stacks Project, they have over the years compiled an extensive open source reference work on algebraic stacks.

Funding Round for Open Access in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science underway

From 1 June 2023 to 1 July 2023, a funding call for seven journals in quantum physics, mathematics, and computer science is underway. Libraries, research institutions, foundations, companies and individuals can make a financial contribution to ensure that these journals can exist sustainably as open access journals – without author-facing publishing fees.

What does the internet know about the development of software?

In the context of the Specialised Information Service Mathematics, a web service was developed (the Tempas TimePortal) that links the temporal development of software websites to the actual software program. In the database for relevant software in mathematics swMATH, the integration of the TimePortal now enables users, on the basis of the website, to track the status of the software program at the time when a scientific article referring to the software was published.