New York, Rio, Bengaluru – The AV-Portal is turning 4 years old

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The popularity of scientific films and videos is increasing all around the world. This is also reflected in the use of the AV-Portal, which is celebrating its fourth birthday these days. In the last twelve months, user numbers of the AV-Portal have almost quadrupled and currently more than a thousand visitors per day generate about 50,000 page impressions per month. But not only the number of visitors is growing steadily, also the places, regions and countries in which the AV-Portal is used are becoming more and more diverse. On the occasion of its fourth anniversary, we would like to take a closer look at visitor development in recent years.

Visitor numbers are especially growing in the USA and India, which ranked second (USA; 10,600 users) and fourth (India; 9,300 users) with about 10,000 users each in the past six months (1 September 2017 to 28 February 2018). This means that more than 10% of all visitors are located in these two countries. Just two years ago, both countries ranked 4th (USA) and 11th (India) in the same period (01.09.2015-29.02.2016) and together accounted for just 3.5% of all visitors, while 82.7% of all visitors came from Germany (72.4%), Austria (5.8%) and Switzerland (4.5%). Today, the share of DACH countries is only about two thirds (Germany 57.8%, Austria 5.9%, Switzerland 4.1%).

This development towards an increasingly international audience can also be seen in a comparison of the cities of origin. Two years ago (01.09.2015-29.02.2016) there were only 4 cities in the top 50 that did not come from Germany, Austria or Switzerland: Prague (rank 37), Moscow (39), Milan (40) and Amsterdam (43). The best-placed non-European cities followed in 83rd and 84th place: Sydney and Miami. Today, the top 50 include eight cities outside Europe: Mumbai (India, rank 13), Bengaluru (India, rank 20), Delhi (India, rank 21), Karachi (Pakistan, rank 26), Chennai (India, rank 27), Beijing (China, rank 37), Tehran (Iran, rank 41) and New York (USA, rank 45).

Two world maps with color-coded user numbers per country. The upper world map shows the numbers for the period Sep.15-Feb.16, the lower one for Sep.17-Feb.18.
The number of visitors in the AV-Portal is increasing worldwide.

While the total number of visitors has increased almost sixfold in the past two years, growth is particularly high in North America and especially in Asia and Africa. The number of visitors from North America is almost 12 times higher than two years ago, in Asia and Africa even 21 and 24 times, respectively. The reason for these enormous growth rates is that there were only a few hundred visitors from these regions in the period September 2015 to February 2016. However, they are still impressive evidence of the worldwide growing interest in scientific videos in general and the AV-Portal in particular.

One reason for the growing international attention is the strong increase in English-language videos in the AV-Portal. Today 60% of the nearly 14,000 videos are in English, 30% in German and 10% without spoken text. Furthermore, there is another benefit to the AV-Portal. While many other video platforms (e.g. YouTube) are not available in some countries (e.g. China), the number of users of the AV-Portal from China, for example, is constantly increasing.

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