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Drei Fragen an (blau)

Three questions put to Margret Plank and Matti Stöhr about the TIB AV-Portal

The TIB AV-Portal, the video portal of TIB, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. This is a great opportunity for us to talk to Magret Plank and Matti Stöhr about the portal. As head of the Lab Non-Textual Materials, Margret Plank has been responsible for the TIB AV-Portal from the very beginning, while Matti Stöhr has been supporting it as Community Manager since May 2020.

10 Jahre TIB AV-Portal

10 Years TIB AV-Portal – 10 Years of Science in Video Format

#10YearsTIB_AVPortal – this is an ideal occasion for us to look back on an intensive and lively 10 years. From now on, and especially in the anniversary month of April, we want to celebrate the TIB AV-Portal together (!) with a variety of activities and campaigns. This can of course be seen and experienced in the portal itself, as an “information hub” here in the TIB-Blog and far beyond.