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Passion for Provenance (data): On collection data, museum systems and open collaboration via wikis

The international workshop Provenance Loves Wiki: »Provenance Research + the Wikiverse« gathered art historians, museum and collection management specialists, computer scientists, data enthusiasts, and members of the Wikidata/Wikibase community, over two days at the offices of Wikimedia Germany in January in Berlin. Our blog post provides a review from the perspective of TIB’s Open Science Lab.

Examining Wikidata and Wikibase in the context of research data management applications

The monthly NFDI InfraTalk opened up an interesting question regarding the potential of Wikidata to be used as an application for science and research. In this 2-part post series, we expand on the differences between Wikidata and Wikibase instances, and their potential applications in academic contexts.