Open Textbooks, a first guide

Writing an Open Textbook can be a daunting project considering the plethora of different tasks, guidelines and other things you have to keep in mind. Thankfully, there are many helpful resources available to aid one through the process and beyond it as well. Finding such resources can be difficult however, and many useful materials are buried deep into books. Maybe you are looking for something specific and don’t want to read a whole book on the matter of Open Textbooks. Maybe you want an overview before you start to dig deeper in the subject matter. This info graphic is designed to provide a first basic overview of different aspect of the writing process and link to useful resources.

This Concept Map contains links to the resources, wich are represented by little icons under the bubbles. You can access them by clicking on the image.

You can also access all resources through this Bibliography.

Post image by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

Student of Information Management at the Hochschule Hannover

Intern at the Open Science Lab