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Using ORCID efficiently

Publication lists are an integral part of scientists‘ biographies. But what is better than personal websites or employer-based lists? ORCID provides a solution for publication lists and CVs in one central location, with the researcher themselves in full control of what information is included, displayed or shared. This is an added benefit to uniquely identifying a person via a Persistent Identifier.

Electronic Preservation Project for Ukrainian Open Access Journals (EPP UA) to safeguard research content during the war

Our Project “EPP UA” (Electronic Preservation Project for Ukrainian OA journals of TIB relevant subjects) aimed to safeguard Ukrainian Open Access journals and ensure their accessibility for future generations of scientists. In this blog post we give an insight into the project.

Fermenting Data Workshop @ Innovercity

The Joint Lab of TIB and HsH kicked off with a workshop as the first event to take place at innovercity, the newly designed, flexible areas in an old shopping centre building in Hannover’s city centre. Students got to learn about alternative approaches and methods to collecting, structuring and thinking with data promoted by the framework of the Fermenting Data project.